National Social Work Month 2018


As we continue to celebrate National Social Work Month, we wanted to take a closer look today at this broad, diverse, unique field, and the many different ways that social workers impact our world. The social workers at MedOptions have advanced degrees and specialized training, and maintain licensing through their state boards. They primarily practice what is often referred to as “micro-work,” including direct interventions with individuals, families, and groups, but other social workers in this broad field practice “macro-work,” referring to working with larger communities and institutions to promote larger-scale policy change.

Social workers can be found in a wide variety of places: schools, hospitals, corrections facilities, private practices, non-profit organizations, the military, government, social planning, advocacy groups, think tanks, and more. Social workers can promote change through interventions such as assessments, individual psychotherapy, and group therapy, as our clinicians here at MedOptions do, as well as through program planning and administration, community development, child and elder protection, policy writing, disaster response, and even holding public office including several who are serving in the US Congress.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 650,000 social workers in the United States, and this is predicted to grow by 16% by 2026, making this one of the fastest growing fields. Clinically trained social workers are the largest group of mental health professionals, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): they outnumber all of the psychiatrists, psychologists, and nurse practitioners in the United States combined!

Of course, the social workers that we know and work with here at MedOptions are unique, and special to us. They play a particular role on our clinical teams, they each have different talents and backgrounds, passions and interests. Not only are they part of a much larger field, promoting growth and change in many different areas of our world, but they are individuals that we get to know personally and professionally. Our next blog post will highlight one of our very own, so keep up to date with us on social media!

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