Memory Care

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of Dementia are known to cause various types of memory problems in the elderly, and these symptoms will worsen over time if not treated appropriately. MedOptions offers a specialized Memory Care Program for residents of a skilled nursing or assisted living facility, aimed at assessing the specific types of memory problems the resident is experiencing, and providing memory care services to improve symptoms and help the resident learn how to manage symptoms so that they can function as independently as possible.

Some types of memory problems that the MedOptions Memory Care Program can treat include:

● Having difficulty remembering recent conversations, appointments, specific occasions, or medications.
● Misplacing items such as keys, purses, wallets, and glasses.
● Having difficulty managing finances, balancing a checkbook, or paying bills.
● Getting lost or disoriented in familiar places.
● Demonstrated difficulty driving.
● Asking the same questions repeatedly.
● Struggling to find the “right” word.

The Evaluation Process

A MedOptions psychologist will spend about two hours with the individual, assessing his/her cognitive strengths and limitations. After the evaluation, the psychologist conducts a feedback session with the individual’s family. Copies of the written report will be given to the family and primary care physician, and a treatment plan for memory care services is implemented.

Memory Care Program Goals

● Evaluate the individual’s current memory and cognition
● Assess functional problems in daily living
● Determine an accurate diagnosis
● Provide education to the patient and family
● Offer support, advice, and training to family and caregivers
● Inform about residential needs
● Advise about driving safety
● Recommend community resources

Upon recognizing a patient’s need for memory care assessment and treatment, the primary care physician will write an order for the evaluation and treatment which MedOptions staff will provide, and the patient’s insurance company is billed directly. Medicare and other major insurances typically cover a substantial amount of the costs involved with the evaluation and treatment process.

For your convenience, all memory care evaluations and services are provided on­-site at the skilled nursing and assisted living facilities where the patient resides.

Memory Care Program
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