MedOptions would like to take a moment to highlight our very own LCSW’s

As this year’s Social Work Month comes to a close, MedOptions would like to take a moment to highlight our very own LCSW’s. We reached out to a few of our social workers to ask some questions about how they experience their jobs here, and it may not come as a surprise that the responses we got included some common themes.

The role of a social worker inherently involves working with your team, embracing the different perspectives and areas of expertise of the teammates you work with, and optimizing your position as consultant and collaborator to achieve the best possible outcomes for your patients. Jessica Alef, LCSW, says of her work with facilities and their staff in Massachusetts, “I try to be present, coordinating, and supportive, and check in with them every time I am in the building.”

Denise Poirier, LCSW in Pennsylvania, tells us about her experience at MedOptions: “As the clinician seeing the patient regularly I value the opportunity to consult and share with team members for the best outcome for each patient.  The facility social service departments are my point of contact for patient referrals and presenting concerns, and we have a collaborative relationship for the best interest of the patients.  The Nursing staff and other disciplines are valuable reporters of patient symptoms and behaviors and are seeking the behavioral management expertise of the team. …It often feels like we are one inclusive team working for the best quality of life for the patient.”

Being a social worker at MedOptions also innately includes an interest and enjoyment in creating a direct relationship with your patients, as well as a conviction that this relationship can positively impact that patient’s wellbeing. Denise notes, “My experience with these patients, many of whom are in the late stage of their life, is that they are so appreciative of being asked, heard and validated as a person whose life mattered. I have witnesses the brightened affect of some whose sharing is reaffirming their purpose/value that had been forgotten. Many of the patients are lonely and this relational connection impacts their mood and behaviors in very positive ways, making being a MedOptions clinician a very rewarding position.”

Jessica also reports that a highlight of her work is in the relationship she gets to develop with each client. “By far the best part of my job is getting to know my clients.  I love to learn their stories/life histories and be a clinical/supportive person in their lives,” she writes.  “I was surprised how resilient and strong my clients are for what they have gone through and how gracefully some of them handle and rise above their adversity.”

To every social worker we know personally and professionally, thank you for your commitment and dedication. MedOptions is proud, this month and every month, to have such talented and passionate clinicians amongst our ranks. Happy Social Work Month!