Live Soulfully: National Skilled Nursing Care Week

This year’s National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW) is May 12-18. The week celebrates skilled nursing centers, their residents, and their staffs. The celebration revolves around showcasing how people in skilled nursing centers achieve happy minds and healthy souls. This year’s theme is “Live Soulfully.”

The American Health Care Association (AHCA) sponsors the week. AHCA asks you to think about what you do for yourself and others to make life better and more comfortable every day. You may want to reflect on what makes you happy. And reflect on how you contribute to your own happiness and the happiness of others. 

How Skilled Nursing Care Promotes Happy, Healthy Living

Every day, skilled nursing centers assist older people and people with disabilities in living their happiest and best lives. Skilled nursing centers do this in many ways. The staff at many centers help residents by planting flowers, cooking special meals, reading favorite books, listening to the residents’ favorite music, and more. Skilled nursing care providers pay it forward by helping individuals find their own happiness and improve their quality of life. This week brings attention, focus, and celebration to the efforts of everyone involved in skilled nursing care.

Share What You’re Doing

You can participate by sharing what you’re doing on social media​ using the hashtag #NSNCW. This year skilled nursing care staff members have posted pictures of a visit from a local petting zoo and caring for their residents’ physically with manicures and massages.

Established in 1967

Established as an annual, week-long observance by the American Health Care Association in 1967, NSNCW, formerly known as National Nursing Home Week, provides an opportunity to recognize the role of skilled nursing care centers in caring for America’s frail, elderly, and disabled.

For more, go to the American Health Care Association’s National Skilled Nursing Care Week page.