Honoring National Assisted Living Week

This year, September 8-14 is National Assisted Living Week®. Using the theme, “A Spark of Creativity,” the week will celebrate the vital role of assisted living in improving and maintaining the well being and lives of older Americans and people who have disabilities.

Established by the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) in 1995, National Assisted Living Week® helps assisted living residents, their loved ones, facility staff, volunteers, and the surrounding communities appreciate assisted living care. Promoting and participating in this week is one way we all can renew our ongoing commitment to meet or exceed the needs of residents.

For this annual observance, assisted living communities are encouraged to offer a variety of events and activities to celebrate the people they serve. The week also helps educate members of the public about this distinctive type of long-term care. In response to this year’s theme, here are a few ways assisted living communities can ignite more creativity, fun, and education into assisted living care:

  • Host an art show for residents and invite families and the community to attend
  • Use a survey to gather interesting facts about each resident and share those facts at a luncheon (For example: Which resident has visited the most countries, met a movie star, had a most unusual vacation, enjoyed the longest career, etc.)
  • Partner with a local organization that can teach a new skill in a class designed for older adults
  • Engage residents in new and fun ways to exercise like chair yoga or tai chi
  • Help residents identify something they enjoyed when they were younger, and recreate those experiences
  • Hold a story-telling contest with inexpensive prizes
  • Visit a local museum or attraction

For more on these and other ideas, see the National Assisted Living Week Planning Guide and Product Catalog