Facility Services

MedOptions partners with many skilled nursing and assisted living facilities throughout the nation, providing high quality and consistent behavioral health services, to improve the mental health of your residents. Our clinicians work closely with your existing facility services including nurses, social services departments, MDS coordinators, consulting pharmacists, and Primary Care Physicians, to optimize elderly mental health services and provide proactive behavioral health care.

Our multidisciplinary clinical teams integrate both pharmacological and behavioral interventions. We emphasize assessing and understanding the origins of behavior, and using non­-pharmacological treatments whenever possible.

Mental health assessment tools, including the results of memory care evaluations and neurocognitive tests, guide the development of individualized treatment plans utilizing evidence­-based practices.

Medication management teams monitor the use of psychotropic drugs, and help your facility be compliant with federal guidelines around Gradual Dose Reduction (GDR).

Reduce re-­hospitalizations with proactive behavioral interventions and mental health care on­-site in your facility.

Educational in­-service programs are designed to help your staff build skills, confidence, and effectiveness for elderly mental health care.

MedOptions clinicians are Medicaid and Medicare providers, and we contract with most major private insurance companies. When the Primary Care Physician at your facility determines that a patient needs a memory care evaluation, Dementia or Alzheimer’s care, medication management, or other behavioral health services, they write an order and our clinicians come on­-site to provide those services.