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Telehealth Services

An increasing population of geriatric patients are finding themselves in rural areas, relying on local general practice physicians without specialized training in elderly mental health care, or needing to travel long distances to be assessed and appropriately treated.


MedOptions’ new Telehealth Initiative provides a crucial solution to this problem by virtually bringing our world-class clinicians to patients in long-term care facilities across the nation.

  • HIPAA secured video conferencing technology allows access patient and staff access to our clinical teams.
  • Consistent scheduling assures that all patients who need to be “seen” will be.
  • An on-site clinical manager facilitates the virtual visit.
  • A MedOptions team of psychiatry and psychology providers specializing in geriatric behavioral health care will provide the assessment, diagnostic, and treatment services.
  • Nursing home staff will get support from MedOptions clinical teams, as well as educational in-service programs.
  • Telehealth offers improved resident and facility outcomes as a result of the increased access to specialized care, as well as dramatically reduced costs.


To learn more about how telehealth is improving quality of care and increasing health care access please call 1-800-370-3651 or email us at