Resident Outcomes

Residents of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities may be experiencing psychiatric symptoms and exhibiting problematic behaviors for many different reasons, but the outcomes are the same: dissatisfied residents and families, exhausted and frustrated caregivers, decreased quality of life, declining functional capabilities, potentially worsening medical comorbidities, and care interrupted by frequent hospitalizations.

MedOptions is passionate about changing these results. Our clinicians work closely with your facility to intervene, and provide the behavioral health services needed to achieve resident outcomes which can include:

● Improved quality of life
● Decreased experience of anxiety and agitation
● Decrease in frequency and intensity of physically aggressive behavior
● Decrease in frequency and intensity of disruptive, non-­aggressive behavior
● Reduction in the reliance on psychotropic medication for managing behavior
● Enhanced physical and psychological status
● Increased participation in physical, occupational, and speech therapies
● Increased participation in daily living activities
● Improved communication with staff and family
● Increased patient and family satisfaction