Facility Outcomes

MedOptions clinical teams understand how skilled nursing and assisted living facilities operate, and have experience collaborating with existing facility staff to determine the most effective ways that we can help. We work closely with your physicians, nurses, social services departments, MDS coordinators, consulting pharmacists, and other staff to optimize patient treatment and provide proactive behavioral health services.

In addition to providing mental health care directly to your residents, we also offer educational in­-service programs designed to help build staff skills, confidence, and effectiveness in caring for the patients.

Facilities who have partnered with MedOptions have experienced many different positive outcomes, including:

● Enhanced psychiatric and behavioral stability can help prevent emergency room visits.
● Increased participation in physical, speech, and occupational therapies, as well as daily living activities, helps reduce re-­hospitalizations
● Improved resident and family satisfaction reflects well on a facility’s reputation
● Improved staff and physician satisfaction reduces rates of burn­out and turnover
● Decreased reliance on antipsychotic medications for managing behaviors
● Improved MDS documentation
● Improved compliance and survey results

In particular, many skilled nursing and assisted living facilities have a new, pressing concern: antipsychotic medication usage. Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services recently announced changes in how facilities’ quality rankings are being calculated, and these changes include a new measure of the usage of antipsychotic medications, as these drugs can pose serious health risks for the elderly, especially those with dementia.

Skilled nursing and assisted living facilities that want to maintain or improve their quality rankings will need to enhance their management of psychiatric care, and partnering now with MedOptions is an excellent solution.