4 Million Reasons To Celebrate National Nurses Week, May 6-12

In 1993, the American Nurses Association declared May 6-12 as the national week to celebrate and elevate the nursing profession. National Nurses Week is a time for us all – individuals, employers, health care professionals, community leaders, and nurses – to recognize the vast contributions and positive impact of America’s 4 million registered nurses. This year’s official theme is, “4 Million Reasons To Celebrate”

During this special week, please join MedOptions in helping to raise awareness of the value of nursing and educating the public about the role nurses play in meeting the healthcare needs of Americans. Nurses are at the forefront of improving patient care and transforming healthcare.

Nurses Serve In So Many Roles

Nurses go through years of training and continuing specialized education to equip them to care for patients in a variety of settings. The roles nurses play are many: technical expert, educator, counselor, family health resource, physician consultant, and more. Nurses provide and coordinate clinical care for patients in hospitals, schools, residential facilities, clinics, correctional facilities, and the military. Many work in public health, administration, advocacy, public policy consulting, research, and education.

Until you or a loved one spend time in a hospital, you may not fully understand the breadth of expertise and knowledge that nurses bring to health care. They are often the frontline of administering and evaluating medical treatment. They can be invaluable as advocates for patients. And because nurses spend more time with patients than other health care professionals, nurses can better moderate the patient’s progress. They identify symptoms that might be clues about the person’s health and they can evaluate the progress or success of treatment. By keeping doctors up-to-date on the patient’s condition, nurses help ensure quality care.

Nurses Combine Medical Knowledge With People Skills

A nurse’s knowledge of illness combined with exceptional people skills often provides comfort and stability to patients and their families. Being a nurse means combining health expertise with the ability to listen and deal with the social and mental needs of people going through medical treatment.

At MedOptions we see nursing as a true calling. During National Nurses Week please take the time to reflect on the critical difference that the nurses in our lives make. Give nurses the recognition and celebration they deserve. Happy National Nurses Week from all of us at MedOptions.

For more, go to the American Nurses Association’s National Nurses Week 2019 page.